I Want To Write, but I’m Dusting My Keyboard, Instead

I watched this lovely video this morning, which is probably only lovely to me because it makes me nostalgic for my old life. It’s nice to see my old stomping grounds.

Speaking of which, I finally made my way to a Japanese grocery store, which took me a surprising amount of time considering I live between two, and both about two miles from my house.

I wondered if I should speak Japanese to the people in the store, but I worried that they might be insulted. (“You think I can’t speak English? I live in America!”)

On the flip side, I also worried about immediately getting in over my head Japanese-wise because when people hear a sentence or two in their native language, they think the speaker is as fluent as they are. This happened to me constantly in Japan. Why would I bring that onto myself here?

Anyway, it was a relief to be somewhere that felt familiar, even if it was just for a little while.

I miss going to cafes to write in Tokyo. There’s a big go-to-the-cafe-and-do-work culture there. It’s almost like going to the office. Everyone has their coffee and their head down. It forced me to be productive.

I haven’t settled into a good writing routine since getting here.

I want to write an op-ed about second hand pot smoke, but I’m just barely getting out of the haze now. Maybe this is why I haven’t heard about it much. Everyone is too sick to speak up.

Also, I have no clue how to write an op-ed. Plus, I need to send something like this entry out in the void. It’s like whispering the the moon and hoping she winks back at you.

I’ve signed up for a writing class that starts on the 17th. It’s called Method Writing, and it’s taught by Jack Grapes. I mentioned Jack Grapes in a blog at some point, but I don’t remember if it was here or somewhere else. Last winter, I watched an hours long interview with him on YT where he talked about Method Writing.

At the time, I thought it was exactly what I needed to move forward as a writer, and I still think that’s true. I just hope that I’m right.

I’ve never taken a writing class before. When I first started writing, I thought my progression as a writer would strictly be a solo journey. I thought writing was supposed to be done alone, but the last year or so, I’ve really felt the need for more support.

I don’t mean emotional support (although, who doesn’t need that?). Adam has been cheering me on since the beginning and it’s been infinitely helpful, but my need is for writer-specific support.

So, I’m seeking it. This class is part of that search. I’m getting really excited for it.