Amy Yuki

Reflections on healing trauma, writing, and books by Tokyo-based memoirist
Amy Yuki
Amy Yuki Vickers

Amy Yuki Vickers

I'm a blogger and a memoirist.

Reflections on life, writing, and books by a Tokyo-based writer

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Addiction! Be Gone!

I’m not going on Facebook, anymore. It’s not for good. It’s just for now. This isn’t an activist stand or anything, so I’m not about to go on about how evil it is or how Zuckerberg has a Napoleon complex (but it really seems like he does, though, right?). About …

A Breath of Fresh Hair

I didn’t feel much like blogging last week plus it felt like it was getting too time-consuming. I wasn’t planning on blogging any time, soon, actually, but I find that I’m craving it today. I don’t have any particular focus for this post, just updates. Last week, I had appointments …

Considering Everything, It’s a Miracle Things Turned Out As Well As They Did

Monday has become my social media day. That includes blogging. Did you know that Monday is the best day to post to WordPress? That’s what I’ve read, anyway, and maybe coincidentally, maybe not, I get the most views on Mondays. Last week, I did some more research into nurturing an …