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I Want To Write, but I’m Dusting My Keyboard, Instead

Lovely Little Things   ❀  Jan 3, 2023

I watched this lovely video this morning, which is probably only lovely to me because it makes me nostalgic for my old…

It’s as if I’ve moved to NJ, not CA

Lovely Little Things   ❀  Dec 16, 2022

Life has been weird since moving to LA. For the first two months, we were in a short-term rental, and…

Out of Tokyo and Into LA

Lovely Little Things   ❀  Dec 6, 2022

We’ve been here about a month. I got my California driver’s license last week—not that I own a 4,000-pound vehicle…

#019 Thank You For Your Patience and I Moved to Los Angeles

The Intentional Hulk   ❀  Oct 17, 2022

We were in the last dregs of August when I found out that we had 30 days to dismantle our…

#018 Why The News Hurts So Much and What To Do About It

The Intentional Hulk   ❀  Aug 1, 2022

I spent the day Abe died writing in a café. I didn’t overhear anyone talking about it, nor see anyone…

Feeling Inspired

Lovely Little Things   ❀  Jul 13, 2022

I asked Adam if he thought my previous post was too disjointed, and he, supportive husband that he is, said,…

Too Many Feelings

Lovely Little Things   ❀  

I saw a couple of tourists for the first time in more than two years. The girl: Unwashed hair going…

#017 The Self-Help Hamster Wheel

The Intentional Hulk   ❀  Jul 4, 2022

I have a black belt in karate, a yoga teaching certification, a reiki mastership, and an MA in Integral Health….

Rude People, Rude Birds

Lovely Little Things   ❀  Jun 23, 2022

As I exited through the ticket gate at Harajuku station a few weeks ago, someone stepped on the back of…

Lovely Little Things

Uncategorized   ❀  Jun 16, 2022

I’ve moved my personal blog to a newsletter called Lovely Little Things, which is about the minutia of daily life….