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#018 Why The News Hurts So Much and What To Do About It

The Intentional Hulk   ❀  Aug 1, 2022

I spent the day Abe died writing in a café. I didn’t overhear anyone talking about it, nor see anyone…

Feeling Inspired

Lovely Little Things   ❀  Jul 13, 2022

I asked Adam if he thought my previous post was too disjointed, and he, supportive husband that he is, said,…

Too Many Feelings

Lovely Little Things   ❀  

I saw a couple of tourists for the first time in more than two years. The girl: Unwashed hair going…

#017 The Self-Help Hamster Wheel

The Intentional Hulk   ❀  Jul 4, 2022

I have a black belt in karate, a yoga teaching certification, a reiki mastership, and an MA in Integral Health….

Rude People, Rude Birds

Lovely Little Things   ❀  Jun 23, 2022

As I exited through the ticket gate at Harajuku station a few weeks ago, someone stepped on the back of…

Lovely Little Things

Uncategorized   ❀  Jun 16, 2022

I’ve moved my personal blog to a newsletter called Lovely Little Things, which is about the minutia of daily life….

Lovely Little Things

Lovely Little Things   ❀  Jun 15, 2022

In her newsletter, my friend Jenny mentioned the platitude, “look to the small.” I get most of my meaning out of…

#016 Can We Adapt to Technology Before it’s Too Late?

The Intentional Hulk   ❀  Jun 14, 2022

I became an adult before the year 2000. We used to regard that year as the dividing line between the…

#015 Every Aspect of My Life Is A #core For Easy Online Consumption

The Intentional Hulk   ❀  May 19, 2022

I don’t eat anymore, I practice #foodcore. I don’t take showers, it’s #waterfallacademia. When I go to the bathroom, it’s…

I Just Need to Feel Normal

Lovely Little Things   ❀  May 18, 2022

I just realized recently that as long as I feel like my struggles are the same struggles as everyone else’s,…