#028 A Couple of Things

I have some content for you.

The first is a written interview I did for a newsletter series called Cave of the Heart. Because it was written, I think it went really well, and I very much enjoyed participating in it.

The second is that I was a guest on a podcast called Write, Publish, and Shine talking about the challenges of being an autistic writer.

Because it was recorded live, it didn’t go quite as well. I was extremely tired and drained because I had a meltdown and got very little sleep the night before. It was brought on by the fear of having meltdown and not getting any sleep before going on a podcast. I’d already rescheduled twice. I wasn’t going to reschedule, again.

I just feel like I need to be upfront about that because it’s also part of being autistic, which may or may not be clear in the podcast. Well, it’s a part of me being autistic. I can’t speak for everyone.

If you want to search for it in your podcast player, the name of the episode is:

#93 Amy Vickers, An Autistic Writer on Beautiful Flaws.

Also, here’s a link to it on the web.