About Capturing Energy

Capturing Energy: My Life as a Reiki Master is a memoir that creates a bridge between the scientific study of Reiki and the individual experience of healing with Reiki. It is about the universal human desire to understand oneself and the world we live in.

After having spent my childhood neglected and responsible for my schizophrenic mother, I believed that my trauma was immovable, yet learned differently after a messy but extraordinary self-healing journey.

Failed by conventional medicine and forced to find my own healthcare solution, I turned to Reiki. Raised a skeptic, I ironically found myself working as a Reiki healer at a mental health facility, grasping for personal validation and self-healing in a world suspicious of my new perceptions. Simultaneously, as a graduate researcher, I hunted for scientific validation of my Reiki experiences while coping with my emerging childhood wounds.

CAPTURING ENERGY: MY LIFE AS A REIKI MASTER brings you on my life journey, from bizarre childhood memories to spontaneous healings, psychic visions, out-of-body experiences, seeing energy globes, and feeling clients’ physical pain in my own body. Every time I find a way to reconcile my experiences, my body ups the ante and a new unexplainable thing happens to me. Am I losing my sanity like my mother or am I on the threshold of metaphysical discovery? CAPTURING ENERGY empowers us to heal on our own terms.

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