The Power of Commitment

Lately, I have been learning the same lesson over and over again, and it’s about the power of commitment.  By “commitment” I mean this: making something a true priority in your life.  You probably already know what that looks like and it likely has something to do with food, shelter, and your job.

As for the “power” part, I can only explain by telling you some stories:

Do you want to know how I got into healing?

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was lethargic and exhausted all of the time. I was still doing a lot, but I had no enthusiasm for it.  I was doing things because they seemed like the right thing to do, they had worked in the past, and because everyone else believes that’s the right way to live.  The ways I spent my time didn’t recharge me; they only depleted me. I believe that everyone has a natural glow and charisma about them, and mine had been snuffed out.

I needed a turning point, so I made one. At that time, I had been a Reiki channel for a few years already. I was pretty adept at healing, but I wasn’t totally committed to it. Then, like I said, I got sick and tired of being sick and tired. I finally reached a point where I said I wasn’t going to mess around, anymore. I was going to get better, for real. Up until that day, it had been my habit to only heal myself just enough to keep myself going; until I felt ‘good enough.’

My new commitment said that I would heal myself every day for a month—no excuses. I would go beyond ‘good enough,’ and see what was there.  I put my healing on the priority level of eating daily (and I never pass up a meal). It didn’t matter if there were dishes to be done or if I’d rather watch TV. It didn’t matter if I felt good enough. There was no more ‘good enough,’ there was, ‘can I feel better?’ (the answer was always, ‘yes’).

As we’ve previously established, healing can mean a lot of things.  For me, personally, this meant a lot of things, too. Some of them were unique to me, as I imagine most of your healing rituals would be unique to you. Some of them were ordinary, like getting enough sleep, eating right, finding joy, having a creative outlet, etc. A lot of it was Reiki. Every day, I performed a mental scan on myself. I would sit down in a quiet place and ask myself what I needed to get better—to thrive! At first, the answers were fuzzy, but as I continued to practice, the answers got clearer.

When that month ended, I knew that I needed to continue because by that time I had come to the realization that healing never ends.

While the ability to heal is a powerful force, it needed my commitment to complete its task. And, it completed its task in unimaginable ways that totally changed my life for the better.

Here’s another story about commitment:

As you may have noticed, I am offering a free Reiki class. I thought I had the ingenious idea of having a class that accommodated the schedules of everyone who wanted to be in it. I was feeling all self-satisfied as I got my students and set up my doodle. It wasn’t long before I realized why no one ever schedules classes this way. My ingenious idea was a bust, so I had to switch gears. At first, I didn’t want to switch gears. Even after it became clear that it was physically impossible to accommodate all of our schedules, I still fought it. I still tried. I grasped at straws trying to make it work, and then I collapsed in frustration and exhaustion.

Shortly after my collapse, I realized that my desire to get the students first, and then accommodate their schedules, rather than set a date first, and then get people who can make that date was a way for me to not be fully committed to the class and teaching Reiki. It was a way to play it safe and not stick my neck out. I could hand-pick my students and only have the students I wanted. That is not committing to teaching Reiki, that’s committing to having a fun time with people that I like. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with committing to a fun time with people that I like, but that is not the goal of teaching this class.

Upon this realization, I immediately committed to the dates of a weekend in my head.  I needed to confirm the dates with my Reiki teacher, but I wasn’t going to confirm those dates with anyone else.  If people could attend, then great.  If not, I would find people who could come and live with the class with which I was dealt.  Within seconds of me confirming those dates with my Reiki teacher (and telling her about my newly established commitment), emails started popping up on my screen.  I didn’t look at them until after I was off the phone, but when I did, I saw that the scheduling impossibilities had lifted, and the schedule fell into place.  The weekend that I had already chosen in my head surfaced as the weekend that would work for everyone.

I have learned this lesson about commitment several times now, and I am beginning to realize that the commitments we make determine the overall direction of our lives.  It sounds so simple, but really it isn’t.

We tend to think of non-commitment as a way to go with the flow, keep our options open and being available for new opportunities. The problem is that without commitment any new opportunity that comes along has no legs to bring it forth into reality.

When we don’t consciously commit to something, we are unconsciously committing to something else.

How so? When we don’t choose our commitments, then we have no place to direct our thoughts, focus, and intentions. We hand all our power over to whatever mood we’re feeling that day, the weather, or the momentum of the past. By not fully committing to healing, I was actually committing to keeping myself in a rut.

So, obviously, when we commit, we must commit wisely. When I made the commitment to accommodate the schedules of all of my students, I was committing myself to baby-stepping, and not taking the leap that I needed to make.

Not everything in our lives can be on the priority level of do-or-die, but that doesn’t mean that you have to give everything else up, either. For example, I love dance. I have been taking weekly dance classes for years now. I have even performed a dance routine in front of an audience, but I don’t prioritize dance the same way I prioritize work, school, or healing. I love my dance school, I love my dance teachers. I also love keeping on the priority level of: It’s there for me to enjoy when I can, but I don’t sweat it when I can’t.

When you consider where you have placed your commitments, think about what dominates most of your thoughts.  Think about most of your daily, habitual actions and where they are leading you.  If you have a lot of negative self-talk, please STOP THAT IMMEDIATELY because every word of that is a commitment to keeping yourself down.  I am not saying that you need to commit to going all-in with healing, but I hope that you choose to commit to yourself, your success and your happiness.

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  1. Amy,

    Thank you for this beautiful post, I’m excited to begin watch with how you guide your students…It is clear that you are more than ready for the commitments you are taking on!

    Fly high eagle fly!

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