The Qigong and Meditation are Working

I slept late this morning even though Dylan attempted to wake me up several times with a lot of kneading and meowing.  I was so tired that I kept falling back asleep.  I think it is the stress of the past couple of weeks catching up to me.  It was just a few days ago that I jumped up whenever I heard him meow to make sure he was ok.

It reminds me of how sleep deprived I used to stay when I was younger.  I was constantly going.  This was how I managed my anxiety: exhaustion.

Anyway, today, I felt less crazy than I’ve been feeling, lately, and I’ve concluded that the qigong, meditation, and yoga yesterday is what made the difference.  So, I did qigong and meditation again today.  I’m too sore from yesterday’s yoga to do it again today.

It’s cooler today and raining.  Earlier in the week, it was hot and humid because a typhoon was pushing hot and humid air north ahead of itself.  It seems to have mostly missed us, but we got some rain and much cooler air.  I have the window open and it’s almost chilly.

I am feeling oddly relaxed.  This morning, while I was doing housework, I listened to some episodes of Gilmore Girls and over-the-top quaint comfortableness of it didn’t feel obscene.  It was actually kind of nice.

I’m looking forward to the weekend.

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