Private Assisted Yoga and Contest

See below for contest details!

I am now offering private assisted Yoga at Threshold Wellness!

To celebrate, I am raffling off a copy of Happy Herbivore’s newest book, Happy Herbivore Light & Lean. See below for contest details.


I am only mildly embarrassed to admit that I own all four of her books.  Each one is better than the last, so if you’re going to get one, this is the one to get.  Is there a better way to start off the New Year than with a bunch of wonderful, brand new, tasty and healthy plant-based recipes?

To enter, leave a comment below about something that has inspired you.  It can be a moment from your life, a quote, a work of art, anything.  You will not be graded on your level of inspiration or your writing.  Just be authentic!

I will choose the winner randomly at 9PM EST on December 18.  I will let the winner know via email, so please make sure the email you use for your comment is correct.  I will not use your email address to sign you up for my newsletter or any other mailing list.  I will only use it to inform the winner that he/she has won.

Your copy will be sent to you directly to you from the publisher.


  1. More than 60% of my students put in the extra effort to come to office hours sometime during the semester, with some of them attending more than 10 times!!! Very rewarding!

  2. Probably all of the dancers am around that no matter the age keep dancing and performing. One of my good friends is now in her late 40s with 2 teenage boys, a time when most dancers have retired is off competing in the World Latin Dance Cup. I’m only in my 20s but it inspires me to keep working and dancing.

  3. Two nights ago I was able to watch my parents fight, not take sides, and realize they have aweful communication all together. I watched them fight like a case study. Kept my detachment to them and stayed connected to my higher self. A miracle!!!

  4. My son has inspired me to cook healthy meals with whole foods-I used to think I was doing great by eating a Lean Cuisine when hurrying from one thing to the next, but now my energy sustains by just buying supermarket perimeter foods as best I can. I think I sleep better too-yay!

  5. After 1 year of back pain, Reiki is the only thing that made the pain go away & I felt normal again. I attended an introductory class & only had Reiki for 6 minutes……I am thrilled to see what 60 mins of Reiki can do. The universe & all things natural is the miracle many miss by swallowing pills each day. Stop taking drugs & turn to Reiki & other natural healing energies!!! 🙂

  6. I have always loved photography and I have taken thousands of pictures. I saw a photo montage online that someone had created using Photoshop. The photo montage was created by combining several photos into one work of art. It was beautiful and it inspired me to take a class to learn the technique. I have only had a few lessons so far, but i love it!

  7. I have all 4 of Lindsay’s books too and HHLL is definitely my new favorite, although I still love the other 3 almost as equally! I started my transition to a WFPB diet back in 2009 but it was a very gradual transition for me but my dad had a stroke in 2010 and while he’s nearly 100% recovered it really made me look at my eating habits again and caused another change. While my parents aren’t exactly fully on-board with cutting out animal products, I did convince my mom to read The China Study and Eat To Live and she has started incorporating more and more veggie meals into their routine. I’m proud of their progress and still have some room to go on my own (as far as eating less processed junk… even though it’s vegan it can still be junk) but I feel so much better than I used to. Happier even! A WFPB diet truly has changed my life! I would still love to win a copy of HHLL to pass on to someone else (already bought my mom one for Christmas). I love spreading the word of Happy Herbivore and Lindsay is also such an inspiration to me!

  8. A little bit of something is better than 100% of nothing. Has always been inspirational to me. I’m not perfect and will not eat as well as I should, but the important thing is to get back on track as quickly as possible and strive forcontinuous improvement.

  9. I’m inspired by the fantastic fundraising at the Seattle jingle bell run

  10. I love her cookbooks and subscribe to her meal plans. A few years ago I read Eat to Lice, which started me on my plant-based journey. I’ve been so inspired by Forks Over Knives and Happy Herbivore, and am making big changes in my life. And I wish you lived close to me…yoga is one of the things I really want to do!

  11. Being the holidays, I was inspired this week by a friend who went to great lengths to buy me a really appropriate gift. She researched my interests, purchased the gift (a book) and actually got it signed by the author. I couldn’t believe it. Not only do I love the book but I can truly say, it’s the thought that counts.

  12. I have been inspired by how much an attitude of gratitude can completely change and brighten my daily outlook. Recently a friend had a lung transplant after years of battling with CF. His daily struggle just to draw breath and his courage in persevering through so much pain has also inspired me to be even more thankful for the smallness of my own struggles by comparison, and towards even more thankfulness for even the simplest of gifts, the gift of a pain free breath. I too have all of 4 of Lindsay’s cookbooks on Kindle, but would love to have a hard copy as a gift for my daughter.

  13. I met you through ESS. I am imprinted by Lindsay’s example of going to law school and not being locked in by expectations when she realized legal practice wasn’t for her. That shows we can all follow our passion.


  14. I have been woodworking for several years now. As a graduate student I am always thinking and/or reading and writing. I found that working with my hands is particularly therapeutic. What continuously inspires me is that moment when it is time to oil a piece. In that moment, the grain “pops” and distinctly reveals the unique beauty of the wood. No matter how long I work with wood, it always is an inspiring moment that further encourages me to continue doing the work that I do.

  15. I am inspired by my figure skating coach, Jimi Lewis. He is 70 years old but you would guess he is in his 50’s if you met him. He is an excellent teacher, not only because of his technical abilities, his professionalism, his love of the sport, and his larger-than-life personality, but because he genuinely connects with his students. He always gives his best, and even coaches me when I am not having a lesson (he can’t help himself.) Even though I am a yoga and Biology teacher, he is a role model for me. He is always so fun and such a joy to be around, even when he is going through a hard time in his life. Coach Jimi is love!

  16. I am entering on behalf of someone who can’t enter the contest on her own. LA writes, “I am inspired by anyone following a dream.”

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