Locating and Dissolving Energy Blockages

Last week, I talked about self-care systems in the context of psychology. This week, I’m going to talk about them in the context of subtle energy. In terms of energy, anything that registers emotionally also shows up in our energetic bodies.

You can test this theory out. Sit quietly for a minute and think about about where in your body you feel anger, grief, love, happiness and any other potent and clearly defined emotion. These physical sensations are considered to be a part of your energetic framework.

An energetic blockage works in the same way a scab works on the skin. It forms as a result of some trauma in order to protect us from further damage. Unlike scabs, they don’t always leave once they have outlived their usefulness. These blockages show up in our psychologies as self-care systems, and as stagnant energy in our bodies. This stagnant energy eventually leads to muscle tension or a physical weakness in that area.

If you read last week’s entry, you probably have somewhat of an idea of your self-care systems. Through energy work, you can start to locate and dissolve them. Even if you don’t believe in subtle energy, these exercises can be useful merely as a visualization techniques.

This is a thing that takes practice, but it will reveal itself to you with consistent effort.

Locating Your Own Energy Blockages

  1. Find a quiet place where you can sit undisturbed for several minutes.
  2. Concentrate on your breath until you reach a relaxed state.
  3. Stay alert and become aware of your bodily sensations.
  4. Think about a situation where you personally feel stuck.
  5. Try to turn off the stream of thoughts surrounding that situation; such as, “X, Y and Z are stopping me from doing this,” and tune into your emotions about the situation.
  6. Locate the places where those emotions seem to be residing in your body.
  7. Note the sight, sound, texture or other visceral aspects of these emotions.

Clearing Energy Blockages

Now that you have located your blockages, you can try to clear them. I know you’re thinking, “What? No way!”

I’m here to tell you: Way.

When it comes to energy healing, you are your own best healer.

In many cases, especially if you are new to your subtle energy body, merely acknowledging your emotions will be enough. They will dissipate as soon as you recognize them. The tricky thing here is that you can’t force them to dissipate. Trying to force an emotion to dissipate can cause it to repress itself and move to a place where you can’t consciously access it. Remember, blockages were installed to protect you. They’re programmed to stay in place and protect you forever, even if it’s long after you no longer need protecting.

Instead of forcing an emotion to dissipate, get to know it, learn to accept it, and even love it (it was created to protect you, after all), breath through it, stay focused on it, and something will change.

When you recall your situation, chances are that you are going to be tempted to get stuck on the story of it.  You’ll repeat incidents over and over to yourself and maybe even start daydreaming about how those incidents could have turned out better.  If this happens, it is not a big deal, but recognize that you’re doing a different exercise at the moment and give yourself the space for it.

Once you’ve located your blockages, and you’ve gotten familiar with them, you can try different approaches to working them out:

  1. If you feel the need to move around and mull it over while you’re doing other things, you can do that, too. I often find that while doing light housework, I can simultaneously try to work through blockages. Try to avoid anything that is too stimulating or distracting.
  2. If you are very visual, sometimes it helps to draw while accessing those feelings. Allow yourself free reign on the paper, but stay focused on your feelings.
  3. If you are musical, but having trouble really getting in touch with your emotion, think of a song that exemplifies that feeling. Sing the song yourself, put it on and sing along with the song, or just listen to it.  Allow that to help you get in touch with your emotions. If you’re more of a physical person, try dancing to it (even if it is really sad and slow).
  4. If you are most comfortable with words, try writing about your feelings. Try not to get too sucked into writing about the analytical details of the situation. Focus on your feelings.
  5. If there is something else that you think that may work for you; such as a long walk alone, then do that.

If you’ve reached the point of activity where you can no longer feel your body, then you have gone too far. You can’t locate your blockages if you can’t feel your body.If you find your mind wandering or you keep getting sucked into the story of the situation, recognize that it’s a normal response, and refocus on your emotions.  If you really can’t give up the story, promise yourself that after you’re done with your energy exercise, you will allow yourself time to think about your story.

Give this process time. It may help to put yourself on a schedule where you spend 20 minutes on it a few times a week. If you do this a lot, then you’re going to relieve a lot of blockages. Once these blockages are gone, the results will manifest in your life. They may not necessarily manifest in your life in the ways that you expect, but there will be changes.

Eventually, you’re going to be left with only the more stubborn-hard-to-break blockages. By this time, you’ll be an old pro, and you will have a better idea of how to deal with them. However, there is no end to healing. Even if you get to a point where you recognize that your remaining blockages are too stuck for you to handle on your own, don’t discount the new blockages that will continually emerge merely from the daily grind of living. The earlier you catch them, the easier it is to release them.

Still need help?  Come see me, and I will work on your blockages with you.

In a later post I will talk about how to address those stubborn-hard-to-break blockages.

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